Our Menus reflect the abundance of fresh Caribbean Seafood and Meats, local Fruits, Vegetables and Spices.
We cook Traditional Mayan and Mexican, Italian, Thai, California Nouveau and Spa Cuisines!
We can handle special diets, special requests and we're great with kids!

Dinner at Caribbean Sol Catering Services Our Chefs bring the food, cook, set the buffet and clean up. We can handle special diets, special requests and we're great with kids. We offer Traditional Mayan and Mexican, California Wine Country, Italian, Thai, Argentine, Spanish, Nouveau, Spa and various Health Cuisines.

37Each day our Chef and Concierge serve up fresh and tasty Riviera Maya Tropic", a blend of Mexican, Yucateca and International Food and Beverages.

Our VIP Services are available for $50 per guest, per day plus tax. This includes the Chef, Concierge and Additional Staff as needed and the Food. Premium Beverages add approximately $20 per guest per day

24Kids love to eat great tasting, simple food, like homemade pizza, chicken tacos and quesadillas. Remember, if the Kids are happy, the Parents are Happy!

Holiday Dinners with Caribbean Sol Catering ServicesFor Christmas, New Years and Easter, we are offering Special Menus with all the Trimmings! We provide the Chefs and the Food.

18Cocktail Parties with tasty appetizers and tropical drinks; a great way to finish a great day in Paradise!

23IF YOU ARE PLANNING MORE THAN A FEW MEALS, you want to consider having a Professional Gourmet, Bilingual, Chef in your Kitchen for the duration of your stay. For all three Meals, we charge $18 plus tax, per guest for Chef Services, 5 guest minimum. This does not include the Food, you can provide the Food or we arrange the Shopping at Cost of Groceries plus 20%.

25Regular Espreso, Capuchino, Latte with a variety of Desserts

Breakfast and BrunchWake up to the scent of fresh brewed Mexican Coffee, warm pastries and tropical fruits! The Chef will prepare a selection of Mexican and International Favorite Egg Dishes, Crepes and Waffles.

27Imagine arriving at your Villa after a long, long trip and there is a 'Comida Corrida' waiting for you. An assortment of Grilled Chicken, Tacos, Stuffed Chiles and Seafood Soups.

LunchWhat could be a better lunch than fresh seafood ceviche, salsas and guacamole? We can prepare a variety of light and satisfying regional salads, tacos and grilled dishes.

A Pinata Party is a memorable event for everyone. Our Pinatas are made right here in the Yucatan by local craftswomen.

VIP Services

Your Chefs serve up fresh and tasty "Riviera Maya Tropic Cuisine"sand-snowman-hannan10
Our VIP Services are available for as little as $120 per day plus food, for up to Eight Guests. This includes the Chef and Concierge. Food Costs vary, but are approximately $15 to $25 per day.